Voltage regulators are devices that make power supply parameters that are not up to standards to comply with set quality parameters.

Lately many devices sensitive to power quality are designed such as gas-fired boilers, computer equipment, various digital devices etc. Taking into account high price of such devices its protection is very important.

  • Voltage drop
  • Impulse noise
  • Poor network installation
  • Unbalanced load of power transmission line
  • Power transmission line break
  • Voltage disconnection

Voltage regulators help to escape negative consequences of all these power quality problems

RUCELF voltage regulators definition

S — voltage regulator

D — electromechanical

R — relay

W — wall-mounted

V — floor vertical

F — floor

How to choose voltage regulator?

1. To define mains type

Voltage regulators with connection to household electricity mains 220V for single phase.

Voltage regulators for devices with connection 380V for three-phase.

2. To define voltage regulator type

I. Electromechanical or relay

II. Floor or wall-mounted

3. To calculate consumed power with a store

This information as a rule can be found in any electrotechnical devices manual. Please pay attention to active and reactive load. Reactive load applied to the devices with electric engine consumes from 3 to 5 times more power. Please keep in mind that it is necessary to take into account power consumers simultaneously connected to mains.

Electromechanical voltage regulators

Electromechanical voltage regulators

Serve for smooth regulation of output voltage with high precision and without circuit interruption.
Laboratory autotransformers

Laboratory autotransformers

Laboratory autotransformers (LATs) are devices for smooth regulation of voltage in one and three phase mains of alternative current. Laboratory autotransformers are applied for setting and testing industrial and household electric equipment, for manual...
Relay voltage regulators

Relay voltage regulators

Relay voltage regulators have wide range of stabilization and maximum speed of stabilization steps switching by means of high-speed relays.