UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is a device that is installed between power supply source and equipment for its protection and to provide uninterruptible power supply.

UPS main function is uninterruptible power supply to electrical equipment when mains power fails.

How to choose UPS?

UPS capacity

It is necessary to calculate the approximate load taking into account the additional excess power not less than 20%. This can be calculated by adding power of all consumers connected to UPS – excess power.

The sum of power consumed by all the connected to UPS equipment should not be more than UPS specified capacity even at peak load.

Time of battery operation

Please choose the UPS model depending on what time of offline working you need taking into account its capacity and capacity of external accumulator storage batteries.

How to increase time of battery operation?

  1. Decrease load connected to UPS
  2. Increase capacity of batteries
  3. Replace UPS for more powerful one
Line-interactive series

Line-interactive series

Main feature of Line-Interactive UPS is autotransformer which stabilizes input voltage in the range of 140-275V without switching to battery mode. Interactive UPS operate in step-by-step voltage stabilization mode by autotransformer coils commutation...
On-line UPS

On-line UPS

Operational principle of On-Line UPS is double conversion of power supply: input voltage transformed to direct voltage with the help of rectifier and after to alternating voltage with the help of inverter. UPS of this type is the most ideal solution...