Switchboard equipment is for modular hardware with high standards of dust and water protection, for input and power distribution, for installation in mains with 220/380V voltage.

RUCELF Switchboards types

ЩРН — outdoor distribution switchboard
ЩРВ — indoor distribution switchboard (only IP 31)
ЩРУН — outdoor registration distribution switchboard
ЩРУВ — indoor registration distribution switchboard
ЩМП — switchboard with mounting panel
Щ — switchboard (without panel), can also be marked as «ЩМ»

Классификация степени защиты щитов от пыли и влаги

Степень защитыПервая цифра – защита от посторонних объектоввторая цифра – защита от воды
IP 31защита от твердых
объектов ≥ 2,5 мм
защита от капель, падающих
IP 54пылезащищенноезащита от брызг, падающих под
любым углом
Metallic switchboards

Metallic switchboards

RUCELF Metallic switchboards are for module machinery installation- circuit breakers, differential automatic switch, GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupters), modular contactors. The equipment can be installed in residential sectors, offices, selling...
Plastic switchboards

Plastic switchboards

RUCELF plastic switchboards are modern electrical machinery for power distribution in 220/380V mains. Depending on the model its capacity is from 6 to 24 DIN modules. RUCELF plastic switchboards are installation friendly and totally safe. No need in...
Clamps and cable ties

Clamps and cable ties

RUCELF cable ties are very useful at electrical installation. Cable ties useful for bundling and fastening cables at the specific place. Cable ties are made of noncombustible nylon, wide temperature range of mounting and one piece construction serve...